Short Teachings by His Eminence Nubpa Rinpoche

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Teaching given by His Eminence Nubpa Rinpoche

Translated from Chinese to English by Ratnashri Translation Team

Edited by Dr. Kay Candler



If you know how to practice, all unfavorable conditions and obstacles become the practice. If you do not know how to practice, even the authentic Dharma can be an obstacle.

If a yogi, training in the Dharma, thoroughly realizes all appearances as mind and, no matter what phenomenon he encounters, abides in the nature of mind free from doubt, hope, fear, adoption and rejection, then he cannot be harmed by any obstacle.

If we can apply the Dharma in our lives, even one verse can help us pacify much anguish in our mind. Otherwise, though we surround our bed with shelves full of Dharma books and scripture collections, they do not bring much benefit. However, even just one Dharma phrase, if we bear it firmly in mind and do not abandon it in our conduct, will definitely have an effect.



Bodhicitta, the excellent and precious mind:
where it is unborn, may it aries;
where it is born, may it not decline,
but ever increase higher and higher.

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