H.E. Garchen Rinpoche  bestowed the

Explanation and Transmission of the Profound and Concise Sadhana of

the Three Antidotal Deities

Vajrapani, Hayagriva and Garuda

Composed by the 7th Garchen Rinpoche, Trinle Yongkhyap

All buddhas are one within the expanse of primordial wisdom, but manifests in various aspects. Garuda is an emanation of all buddhas’ body appearing to tame the nagas and underground negative forces. Hayagriva is an emanation of all buddhas’ speech appearing to tame the negative earthly forces and all classes of spirits. Vajrapani embodies all buddhas’ mind appearing to overpower the negative heavenly forces, the eight classes of demons, and all obstructors. Moreover, they are the emanations of the three great bodhisattvas—Vajrapani, Chenrezig (Hayagriva), and Manjushri (Garuda) embodying power, compassion, and wisdom of all buddhas combined. During this degenerate age when many engage in non-virtuous activities and few practice virtue, forces of darkness prevail everywhere and people suffer dangerous illnesses, harms, and obstacles. At this time, the compassion of these three exalted deities is swift and their blessings are more powerful. Merely mentioning their names will render demons and obstacles powerless. One will swiftly attain spiritual accomplishments. Practicing this rare, profound, and concise Atiyoga Dzogchen sadhana by the 7th Garchen Rinpoche has inconceivable benefits.


The Teachings were translated into English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese & Polish.


*** For those who would like to practice this sadhana but have not received the empowerment yet, you can do so by sincerely participating in the teaching (https://youtu.be/SDxhL2Vn7io) and empowerment ceremony (https://youtu.be/RMFYbcVWonM) of the Three Wrathful Ones – Vajrapani, Hayagriva, and Garuda that HE Garchen bestowed for Ratnashri Chicago in 2018.

For Chinese-speaking participants, you can participate in the teaching by Ven. Lama Thupten Nyima ( https://youtu.be/EJLF3COyI9c) and empowerment ceremony (https://youtu.be/0gvMxDpA_KY) by HE Garchen Rinpoche bestowed for Rinchen Chöling in 2020.


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**We are still working on the completion of the sadhana and the thangka image of the sadhana under the guidance of His Emience Garchen Rinpoche. It will be available for distribution in the near future.



** Sadhana vẫn chưa được dịch đầy đủ, chúng tôi sẽ cố gắng hoàn thành trong thời gian sớm nhất.

The recorded teaching videos on October 29 can be found at http://y2u.be/cuDra476b7E and http://y2u.be/_juVnUWpfDM

The recorded teaching videos on November 5 can be found at http://y2u.be/s7SMMiZMXzs and http://y2u.be/kdm6iIj6nHI

The corresponding video with Chinese translation can be found at http://y2u.be/lVIqzsk3ViE and  http://y2u.be/Nfgjjt_B6iA




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For your information, His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche said that this sadhana is for indidivuals to do personal meditation, so there will be no group practice and no melody for it. The main thing is meditation. Rinpoche said that the main thing is that once you understand the view, it is then most important to meditate, that is, to merge the view and meditation, that is to merge the relative bodhicitta with the ultimate bodhicitta. The relative bodhicitta is immeasurable love and the ultimate bodhicitta is to understand the nature of the mind.
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