Important Audio Recording: HE Garchen Rinpoche Performs Phowa for the Dying or the Deceased (please share)

The supreme Phowa, the transference of consciousness, is a way to transfer the consciousness to the Pureland. This 12-minute precious recording was recorded by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche during his Taiwan tour in 2015 and Rinpoche requested to have it released it to disciples and students. Playing this recording for the dying or the deceased will have the same effect as having Rinpoche conducting the Phowa right beside them. Thereby, they may be reborn in the Pureland by the power of the three Jewels and the three Roots. Thus this recording is one of the most precious gifts from Garchen Rinpoche. Please make good use of it and spread it widely. It will benefit all beings in need and all listeners will receive great benefit.

Phowa audio recording download: Phowa (liberation through listening at the time of death)

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Courtesy of Garchen Dharma Institute in Taiwan 2015. 台灣噶千佛學會




Garchen Rinpoche Bestows Dharmakaya Phowa Transmission

Courtesy of Garchen Dharma Institute in Taiwan.

(watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjAru20sYUM for explanation and transmission in Tibetan) . Ina provided the translation below.

 Dear Dharma friends,

The other day we had so many questions that we forgot to answer the request for a transmission of the Dharmkaya Phowa. This is a very good request. What is the difference between the Dharmakaya, Samboghakaya and Nirmanakaya Phowa? Those who understand the view of non-duality, that self and others are not separate, can practice the Dharmakaya Phowa. The Dharmakaya Phowa is very powerful. Those who do not understand the non-duality of self and others should practice the Phowa of compassion - the Samboghakaya and Nirmanakaya Phowa. So those who perceive a duality of self and others, who think that we are separate from each other, should practice the Samboghakaya or Nirmanakaya Phowa - the Phowa of compassion. Those who understand that a duality of self and others does not exist within the mind can practice the Dharmakaya Phowa. Because they have given rise to compassion, they have love; and because they have realized emptiness, they know that a duality of self and others does not exist. Therefore, they are able to destroy the self-grasping in the minds of others. This is the supreme Phowa. I will now recite the transmission. Anyone who has received the transmission can also pass it on to others.

Rinpoche recites the transmission

ཨཱཿ སྐད་ཅིག་སྟོང་གསལ་ཟུང་འཇུག་ངང་ཉིད་ལས།

a kechik tongsel zungjuk ngang nyi l

A! In an instant, out of the state of the inseparable union of clarity and emptiness,

啊/給計 東薩 聳句 昂匿雷




zer ysh rik druk n su tr

Widsom light rays radiate out to all the six realms,

哦瑟 耶謝 利竹 內蘇吹




sem chen nam sh a kar chik tu gyur

so that, the consciousnesses of all sentient beings are transformed into a single white A-syllable, which

森堅 南謝 啊嘎 計度局日

有情心識轉為一白啊(ཨཱཿ )



kn chok tsa sum den p jin lap kyi

Through the blessings of the truth of the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) and the Three Roots (Guru, Yidam and Dakini),

袞秋 雜松 典貝 僅臘季




chak gya zhi yi kuk n rang la tim

is gathered with the four mudras and dissolved into me.

恰加 習宜 固內 穰拉定




sel rik tong sum yer m nyuk m shi

In the primordial nature of the indivisibility of clarity, awareness and emptiness,

薩日 東松 頁每 女悟美夕




po ja po j m p ngowo nyi

where the very essence has neither object to be transferred nor transferor,

頗架 頗杰 美貝 哦沃匿




drak tong j drel lo d hik dra dap

I utter the 'hik' [sound] which is inexpressible sound and emptiness beyond apprehension,

札東 覺札 樓迭 嘿乍達




ta drel rl pa chen po up chup po

and beyond extremes, the vast play is instantly perfected.

踏札 若巴 千杯 吾趣波




rang rik ky m ch k ying su po

My own awareness (rigpa) is transferred to the expanse of the unborn Dharmakaya.

穰日 介美 確貴 因蘇頗



ཧིཀཿ ཧིཀཿ ཧིཀཿ ༼ཨཱཿ༽

hik hik hik ah

Hik! Hik! Hik! (ah)




This phowa practice was composed by the old beggar of Nyarong Lhangdrak named Dndul, in response to requests made by the devoted lamas Orgyen Gyaltsen and Orgyen Garwang Gyaltsen. May all beings who hear this instruction on the method of transference that brings enlightenment without meditation attain the essence of awakening within their very own rigpa. Sarva Buddha Maṅgalaṃ.

Reference: http://www.lotsawahouse.org/tibetan-masters/nyala-pema-dundul/dharmakaya-phowa

For this practice, you only need to meditate within a state of non-duality, realizing that sentient beings are confused by the dualistic perception of self and others, where in reality such a duality does not exist. Through your meditative state of non-duality, many sentient beings become liberated, themselves realizing non-dual primordial awareness, and others give rise to love and compassion. Thus this practice is very beneficial. Now that I have given you the transmission, anyone is allowed to do this practice.

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                             Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of Gar Monastery Lineage                  

Liberation Through Wearing

Download Image (28x28 cm)  Download Image (A4)


This supreme wheel of mantra is the mandala of hundred peaceful and wrathful deities of the Gar Monastery lineage. Where the mandala resides, all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas reside. Inside each circle, there is mantra and prayer of different deities. By wearing this mandala, all negativities and defilements can be eliminated and one can be liberated from samsara; five poisons will be transformed into five wisdoms; bodhicitta and virtue will be increased; all will be auspicious.

How to use it:

You can place this mandala in a clean place and make offering to it or fold it and carry (wear) it with you. In this way, you will be protected by Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma protectors. You can place it on the body of a deceased or dying person, or cremate or bury it with the body, or cover it on the bone ash box. This mandala possesses unimaginable blessings and merits and is very beneficial to both the living and the deceased beings. May it benefit all sentient beings!

Extra instructions given by Venerable Drubpon Tsering Rinpoche:
1. The mandala should face the body.
2. The paper can be of any size and of any material. It can be folded so long as the seed syllable at the center of the mandala remains upright, not tilted.
3. Wear any time you want, only except when taking a shower/bath. Keep wearing it can help you to purify the karma and maintain good conduct.
4. No empowerment is needed.

Courtesy of Ratnashri Meditation Center in Sweden and Garchen Dharma Institute in Taiwan





As long as space remain,

As long as sentient beings remain,

Until then, may I too remain,

And dispel the miseries of the world.