Progress Report and Remaining Needs for Rinchen Ling Monastery,
Nepal after 2015 earthquake by H.E. Drubwang Nubpa Rinpoche

October 2017


The first fundraising appeal by His Eminence Drubwang Nubpa Rinpoche, May 2016


Progress Report March 2017


Tashi delek. Thank you so much for your genine support to Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery.


Ratnashri Meditation Center has raised from March to October 13, 8110 SEK (1000 USD) from 12 donors including the Center. The total amount including the list of donations will be delivered to His Eminence Drubwang Nubpa Rinpoche personally during the 800th Mahaparinirvana celebration event in JangChubLing. All the donors received a gift from Rinpoche. Regular prayers are offered by the monks in the monastery to all the benefactors. Our donation will be used to finance the renovation of the monastery.


Report from Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery:


We have now finished 100% of all the rebuilding and repair works related to structure, walls, pillars, including basic interior and exterior painting for the main temple building and the residence building for monks. Please see the nice pictures of the monastery after restoration. Some new prayers wheels are also sponsored and installed.


However, what is still left to be done is the major thangka repainting work on the entire internal wall of the main temple. So far this work is not sponsored by anyone. Your kind support is highly appreciated. Take a closer look at the walls insdie the main temple hall below.


The estimated cost given by thangka painters for the entire internal wall is 106, 107 USD (download cost statement).



  The beautiful Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery after the restoration











   Some new prayer wheels are now installed.





  Major thangka repainting work is still needed in the main temple















Any amount of donation will be GREATLY appreciated. You can make your donation in one of the two ways:

Option 1: Ratnashri Meditation Center, Sweden


Name & address of bank: Nordea Bank Sweden, 10571 Stockholm, Sweden

Swift address: NDEASESS


IBAN Account number: SE91 9500 0099 6026 1287 8062   (within European Union)

Bank Account number: (Clearing 996026) 1287806-2

**Please write “Nepal”, your name and email address on the payment.


Option 2: Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery:


Account name: Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery

Receiver Address: G.P.O. Box 6022 Kathmandu, Nepal

Account number: 0206017500280

Bank Name: NABIL bank Ltd.

Bank Address: Jorpati Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

Swift Code: NARBNPKA

Telex: 2430 NABIL NP


Contact for inquiries:

Director: Ven. Rapsang Tulku +977 9803085098

Cashier: Lama Kelsang +977 9801086888

Cashier: Lama Thrinley +977 9808217292

Secretary: Lama Dhondup +977 9803716777


The great accomplished master Milarepa once said:

When a skillful mediator meditating in the wilderness,

And the skillful benefactor providing the wherewithal come together,

This connection leads both to Buddhahood.

What gives this link its meaning is the dedication of merits’’

May all be auspicious. OM MANI PADME HUNG.



Bodhisattvas' offerings to the Buddha (pictures taken from the statues in Hong Kong)


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